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Find no qualifiers, to reflect how bad it is FRAUD hosting service. While it is true that the first was very stable, I have not stopped creating incidents from the first month, which had veecs it took to respond to a day. To provide solutions Intended’ve been through complaints and anger to three days, and that in an online business means a disaster.
I’ve had to go move all domains to another hosting, safer.

The price is really good … for those who do not want anything serious, but for a company or a newspaper or any small business, that’s a bad deal. You could almost say that you can see crime and fraud shown, as not fulfilling their contracts.

Honestly, even my worst enemy would be advised this site. SCAMMERS

This host is stealing money! The attention of fraudsters!


26.06.2012 0:20 GMT+04:00



Activation date Jun 25, 2011

Contract length 12 months



26.06.2012 0:34 GMT+04:00

and more …

I would not let paypal subscription contract! As you have removed the money without my consent?? Bring back my money! I do not like your server!


26.06.2012 6:51 GMT+04:00

I do not understand what the problem is? I do not use your server and not used after the expiration of the contract! I ask the server to close! You took off the money without my consent! I did not give permission for the subscription!!


27.06.2012 17:19 GMT+04:00

1 year ago, I paid for the purchase of your server with a credit card!

paypal with this server, I did not pay! As you can withdraw money from my paypal account?? You are the scammers! I did not give permission for the subscription! I do not use your server! Your server does not suit me! You are cheating people! Bring back my money! I do not use your server!


02.07.2012 8:33 GMT+04:00

You are thieves! You stole my money! Bring back my money! You are crooks! You are cheating customers! I would not let you take money from my paypal account! You stole my money!


Canadian Web Hosting Deploys New IP Ranges for SEO Web Hosting Customers.

Canadian Web Hosting, a leading IT Web Hosting company, announced today the release of unique, dedicated IP addresses for the SEO Web Hosting customers. The new IP’s will be based in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON and these will be new, unique C classes that are available to new and current Canadian Web Hosting customers. With these new IP addresses, Canadian Web Hosting web hosting customers and their web masters have increased access to a diverse pool of IP space that will deliver significantly improved Return on Investment (ROI) for their web marketing campaigns including enhanced brand building and increased online visibility at a fraction of the cost.

“IP diversification is one of the easiest ways to increase search engine visibility of your website,” said Kevin Liang, SEO expert at Canadian Web Hosting. “With the addition of these new IP ranges, Canadian Web Hosting is able to give our customers a significant advantage in building an online presence, and when you combine this with our 100% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support and state of the art web hosting infrastructure, our customers are able to compete at the highest levels and improve their SEO strategies.”
With these new IP ranges, customers can continue to host their own network of sites and utilize multiple IP hosting for faster link indexing and creating a network of different, but related, websites on different IP ranges that link back to the target site. These new IP’s can be used with Canadian Web Hosting’s recently launched CA Cloud servers, as well as all virtual private servers (VPS), and Dedicated Servers. Each new server deployment comes with two dedicated IP addresses and additional IP’s can be assigned upon request for $2.00 per IP. Customers can also benefit from free server setup and configuration, and when needed, most web sites can be migrated at no extra cost.


AHosting Announces Summer Sale: Save 10% on Reseller Web Hosting.

Ahosting, a leading provider of personal and enterprise level hosting solutions, is happy to announce the start of their Summer Sale. For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a 10 percent reduction across all of AHosting’s premium-grade multi-domain reseller accounts.
Ahosting, a leading provider of personal and enterprise level hosting solutions, is happy to announce the start of their Summer Sale. For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a 10 percent reduction across all of AHosting’s premium-grade multi-domain reseller accounts.
AHosting offer a variety of reseller hosting options that are the perfect choice for web professionals looking to integrate hosting into their business’s services. All plans incorporate an unlimited number of hosted domains, including unlimited sub-domains and parked domains, as well as unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases. AHosting have a three-tiered price plan, with up to 10GB of storage space, and 3GB of bandwidth.
“Summer is a busy time for web developers and designers,” stated Ahosting, Inc.’s VP of Sales, Nick Max, “So it’s the perfect opportunity to offer our easy-to-use WHM-based reseller hosting plans at a discount. With cPanel and WHM it couldn’t be easier for businesses to set their clients up with their own hosting accounts – which means less time configuring servers, and more time enjoying the summer.”
AHosting’s reseller hosting accounts are hosted in one of their three secured and monitored US data centers on up-to-date and powerful CentOS servers. All accounts offer weekly backup. Resellers can configure their hosting services via WHM, which allows straightforward setup of client accounts and services. All resold accounts have access to their own cPanel interface, which can be branded with custom logos, and includes features to manage email, databases, DNS, and most other aspects of a hosted site.
If a customer would like to move from another hosting provider to AHosting to take advantage of the Summer Sale, their experienced support team will be able to migrate your files for free.

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File synchronization services like Dropbox have really taken off in recent time. They basically allow you to sync files between devices using cloud storage as buffer. Depending on the service, you get web access, document editing options, photo galleries, media streaming and more on top of that.

All services have in common that they encrypt the connection between your computer and the cloud host to protect the data from third parties that try to intercept or record what is being transferred. Each service has implemented its own scheme, and it is often difficult and sometimes even impossible to find out how the data is protected by the service.

Businesses face another issue, as regulations, company guidelines and maybe even laws may prevent them from using some or even all third-party services. Those decisions may be based on security regulations or something mundane like the location of the server the data is saved on.

For users, it is often a question of privacy and to a lesser extent one of control over the data.

A Solution

Privately-hosted services can be a solution. While they are probably more appealing to webmasters, geeks and privacy advocates, they can prove to be a viable alternative for businesses as well. A self-hosted server gives you full control over the data, up to the point where you can simply log into the server’s admin dashboard or shell to delete all files remotely and unrecoverable.

The following guide looks at several different solutions that all allow you to sync local files with a self-hosted server. Another advantage of self-hosted solutions is that storage space is usually not limited to a few Gigabytes.

A word of caution: Not every web hosting company permits the use of storage space and its network infrastructure for purposes that are not linked to web hosting. It is recommended to verify that they are okay with it before you start synchronizing your data with their servers.