Aug 16

Find no qualifiers, to reflect how bad it is FRAUD hosting service. While it is true that the first was very stable, I have not stopped creating incidents from the first month, which had veecs it took to respond to a day. To provide solutions Intended’ve been through complaints and anger to three days, and that in an online business means a disaster.
I’ve had to go move all domains to another hosting, safer.

The price is really good … for those who do not want anything serious, but for a company or a newspaper or any small business, that’s a bad deal. You could almost say that you can see crime and fraud shown, as not fulfilling their contracts.

Honestly, even my worst enemy would be advised this site.


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Jul 2

This host is stealing money! The attention of fraudsters!


26.06.2012 0:20 GMT+04:00



Activation date Jun 25, 2011

Contract length 12 months



26.06.2012 0:34 GMT+04:00

and more …

I would not let paypal subscription contract! As you have removed the money without my consent?? Bring back my money! I do not like your server!


26.06.2012 6:51 GMT+04:00

I do not understand what the problem is? I do not use your server and not used after the expiration of the contract! I ask the server to close! You took off the money without my consent! I did not give permission for the subscription!!


27.06.2012 17:19 GMT+04:00

1 year ago, I paid for the purchase of your server with a credit card!

paypal with this server, I did not pay! As you can withdraw money from my paypal account?? You are the scammers! I did not give permission for the subscription! I do not use your server! Your server does not suit me! You are cheating people! Bring back my money! I do not use your server!


02.07.2012 8:33 GMT+04:00

You are thieves! You stole my money! Bring back my money! You are crooks! You are cheating customers! I would not let you take money from my paypal account! You stole my money!


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Jul 2

Canadian Web Hosting Deploys New IP Ranges for SEO Web Hosting Customers.

Canadian Web Hosting, a leading IT Web Hosting company, announced today the release of unique, dedicated IP addresses for the SEO Web Hosting customers. The new IP’s will be based in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON and these will be new, unique C classes that are available to new and current Canadian Web Hosting customers. With these new IP addresses, Canadian Web Hosting web hosting customers and their web masters have increased access to a diverse pool of IP space that will deliver significantly improved Return on Investment (ROI) for their web marketing campaigns including enhanced brand building and increased online visibility at a fraction of the cost.

“IP diversification is one of the easiest ways to increase search engine visibility of your website,” said Kevin Liang, SEO expert at Canadian Web Hosting. “With the addition of these new IP ranges, Canadian Web Hosting is able to give our customers a significant advantage in building an online presence, and when you combine this with our 100% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support and state of the art web hosting infrastructure, our customers are able to compete at the highest levels and improve their SEO strategies.”
With these new IP ranges, customers can continue to host their own network of sites and utilize multiple IP hosting for faster link indexing and creating a network of different, but related, websites on different IP ranges that link back to the target site. These new IP’s can be used with Canadian Web Hosting’s recently launched CA Cloud servers, as well as all virtual private servers (VPS), and Dedicated Servers. Each new server deployment comes with two dedicated IP addresses and additional IP’s can be assigned upon request for $2.00 per IP. Customers can also benefit from free server setup and configuration, and when needed, most web sites can be migrated at no extra cost.


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Jul 2

AHosting Announces Summer Sale: Save 10% on Reseller Web Hosting.

Ahosting, a leading provider of personal and enterprise level hosting solutions, is happy to announce the start of their Summer Sale. For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a 10 percent reduction across all of AHosting’s premium-grade multi-domain reseller accounts.
Ahosting, a leading provider of personal and enterprise level hosting solutions, is happy to announce the start of their Summer Sale. For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a 10 percent reduction across all of AHosting’s premium-grade multi-domain reseller accounts.
AHosting offer a variety of reseller hosting options that are the perfect choice for web professionals looking to integrate hosting into their business’s services. All plans incorporate an unlimited number of hosted domains, including unlimited sub-domains and parked domains, as well as unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases. AHosting have a three-tiered price plan, with up to 10GB of storage space, and 3GB of bandwidth.
“Summer is a busy time for web developers and designers,” stated Ahosting, Inc.’s VP of Sales, Nick Max, “So it’s the perfect opportunity to offer our easy-to-use WHM-based reseller hosting plans at a discount. With cPanel and WHM it couldn’t be easier for businesses to set their clients up with their own hosting accounts – which means less time configuring servers, and more time enjoying the summer.”
AHosting’s reseller hosting accounts are hosted in one of their three secured and monitored US data centers on up-to-date and powerful CentOS servers. All accounts offer weekly backup. Resellers can configure their hosting services via WHM, which allows straightforward setup of client accounts and services. All resold accounts have access to their own cPanel interface, which can be branded with custom logos, and includes features to manage email, databases, DNS, and most other aspects of a hosted site.
If a customer would like to move from another hosting provider to AHosting to take advantage of the Summer Sale, their experienced support team will be able to migrate your files for free.


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Web hosting company

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Jul 2

File synchronization services like Dropbox have really taken off in recent time. They basically allow you to sync files between devices using cloud storage as buffer. Depending on the service, you get web access, document editing options, photo galleries, media streaming and more on top of that.

All services have in common that they encrypt the connection between your computer and the cloud host to protect the data from third parties that try to intercept or record what is being transferred. Each service has implemented its own scheme, and it is often difficult and sometimes even impossible to find out how the data is protected by the service.

Businesses face another issue, as regulations, company guidelines and maybe even laws may prevent them from using some or even all third-party services. Those decisions may be based on security regulations or something mundane like the location of the server the data is saved on.

For users, it is often a question of privacy and to a lesser extent one of control over the data.

A Solution

Privately-hosted services can be a solution. While they are probably more appealing to webmasters, geeks and privacy advocates, they can prove to be a viable alternative for businesses as well. A self-hosted server gives you full control over the data, up to the point where you can simply log into the server’s admin dashboard or shell to delete all files remotely and unrecoverable.

The following guide looks at several different solutions that all allow you to sync local files with a self-hosted server. Another advantage of self-hosted solutions is that storage space is usually not limited to a few Gigabytes.

A word of caution: Not every web hosting company permits the use of storage space and its network infrastructure for purposes that are not linked to web hosting. It is recommended to verify that they are okay with it before you start synchronizing your data with their servers.


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Affiliate Program

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Jun 25

RomaHost Web Hosting Increases Bonus on Affiliate Program.

RomaHost web hosting has revised its affiliate program to increase the bonus of the marketers. This was announced by the RomaHost web hosting company on Friday June 25, 2012. They have termed this new marketing campaign as “See Ya Later Alligator”, which will focus the dissident marketers who are frustrated after acquisition of HostGator by Endurance International Group recently.

This is very important that there are many marketers of HostGator who have not been properly guided and assured about their commissions after acquisition of the company by IEG. They are frustrated and should take this opportunity and join RomaHost new affiliate program.

Mr. Roma who is the affiliate manager at RomaHost web hosting company has said, “A big acquisition like what just happened with HostGator can have a huge impact on affiliates; affiliates wonder if their commissions will go down, if the quality of support will suffer, and how the change will affect them overall. It makes a lot of affiliates nervous when there’s a big change like this.”

He further said and assured the prospective affiliate marketers that RomaHost web hosting company is one of the most promising companies in this field of business. It has not only enhanced the commission on all of the services provided by the RomaHost company but also enhanced the quality of the services even better. This is a great opportunity for new marketers to join our program and get their business running with even extra amount of commissions and other fringe benefits on affiliate sales.

RomaHost Company is providing great web hosting services to its valuable customers with many great prices plans, discounts, and quality of services. We are providing world class customer support for our valuable customer round the clock. It is great opportunity for new marketers to join hands with Brain Host Web hosting Company.


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VPS Hosting

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Jun 14

RomaHost Ltd. Announces the Launch of Auto Resource Scaling with VPS Hosting.

UK Web Hosting provider RomaHost today announced that it has updated its vLite based virtual private servers, offering Auto Scalable CPU & RAM with all plans as burstable resources. Burstable CPU/RAM is an addon feature and customers can opt for this by paying a nominal monthly fee ranging from 10.00 to 20.00 over the cost of the VPS depending upon the plan they choose.

According to the press release, the new addon feature is available with all three VPS plans with max resource scaling available up to 6 CPUs and 4 GB Memory on an individual VPS. All RomaHost Lite VPS plans use Hardware Virtualization Hypervisor of eNlight Cloud with inbuilt intelligent scaling technology which detects the increase in resource requirements on any server in real-time, and adds them immediately without any downtime, reboot or manual intervention. This intelligent technology propelled RomaHost to offer CPU and RAM auto scaling with VPS Hosting which is first of its kind in the VPS Hosting industry.

Once the Burstable CPU & RAM feature is enabled, vLite with its intelligent scaling technology fetches the required amount of resources from a large pool of free resources and allocates those to VPSs during predicted as well as unpredicted bursts or spikes, allowing the hosted website(s) or applications to achieve optimum scalability and performance. Auto resource scaling responds automatically and ensures that websites and applications continue to function smoothly, without any interruptions, no matter how erratic the resource usage patterns are.

The company states that the new Auto Resource Scaling feature would be highly beneficial for websites that experience high resource consumption only for a few minutes/hours every day or attract occasional traffic. Similarly, websites experiencing sudden spikes in resource usage or short traffic bursts intermittently or applications that experience hourly, daily, or weekly variability in usage will also benefit immensely through this feature.

For Reseller Hosting customers, there’s an added special feature too. VLite VPS Hosting allows upgrading storage space on-the-fly on any VPS. Storage space can be added on demand to any VPS without the need of server reboot or involving any downtime. Besides this, the free reseller hosting addons such as Domain Reseller Account, Free Billing Software, White Label Reselling and End User Support can also be availed with vLite VPS Hosting.

“At RomaHost, we are committed to constantly improve our product range. The additional benefits in our VPS Hosting range provide significant additional capacity for our customers to use as and when they need. This will prove to be decisive as even if our customers don’t require it at the moment, they are ready for growth in the future.” John Strong, Managing Director of RomaHost Ltd. said in a statement.


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Jun 2


This is a specialized solution for project hosting, management and collaboration. It is free and open source, and comes with clients for Linux, Windows (Vista and newer only) and Mac. Unlike other solutions, it concentrates on projects, and offers to synchronize files with popular code-hosting providers such as Github or Gitorious next to a self-hosted solution.

A custom host needs to have git and openssh-server installed. You can check the project website for a detailed tutorial on how to prepare a server. On the client side, you basically point it to that server, so that you can synchronize a local folder and all of its files with that server.

YanaHost supports file versioning, a web interface which you can use to invite project members, and the synchronization of multiple projects.

The program has not been updated in a year’s time at the time of writing.

Closing Words

It takes resources to produce and maintain a self-hosted file synchronization solution. Several of the services that I looked at had — and did not include in the list — not been updated for some time, and even two I did include are not updated frequently yet.

The ownCloud service is one of the few technically mature services that you can start using right away.

What about you? Are you using a file synchronization service? If so, which are you using and why?


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Cloud Servers

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Jun 2

Redundant Platform

The in-house engineered cloud platform has been designed to offer an unmatched level of redundancy. The system is designed to sustain simultaneous multiple failures at hard drive, network, power, hypervisor and storage level.
Intelligent Scaling System

If your server ever gets a huge spike in workload (ex: your website gets featured on another popular website), you can login to your control panel and rescale your server up within seconds after completing your payment. No downtime!
Self-healing Servers

Cloud servers have full redundancy. If the host server fails, the cloud server instantly restarts on a new host seconds after detecting a failure. This feature would be impossible to have on a dedicated server because of local storage.
Over 100+ OS templates

You can start from a new fresh installation of CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu or Windows Server 2003/2008. Alternatively, you can choose a pre-built, tested and pre-configured appliance, such as cPanel/WHM for websites or Trixbox for VoIP.


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May 29

Base-hosting governors, mayor oppose Platinum plan.

Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto on Sunday failed to win backing for the MV-22 Osprey as the Okinawa and Yamaguchi governors and the mayor of Iwakuni all told him the U.S. tilt-rotor aircraft presented an undue safety risk.
He received his first no from Okinawa Gov. Hirokazu Nakaima, who told the visiting defense chief the Osprey is too dangerous to deploy at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma as about 220 people protested outside his office.
“We just have to reject it as it is a question of safety,” Nakaima said.
Yamaguchi Gov. Sekinari Nii and Iwakuni Mayor Yoshihiko Fukuda, whose city hosts a U.S. base, gave him the same reason after he landed in Kyushu later in the day.
The United States plans to put the odd-looking aircraft through its paces at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in Yamaguchi this month before its deployment in Okinawa.
Neither the local governments nor the national government has the legal grounds to reject the Osprey’s deployment, the Defense Ministry said.
Morimoto flew to Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of U.S. military bases in Japan, on Saturday after the U.S. officially notified Japan the previous day that it would commence full-scale flight operations of the Osprey, which has vertical takeoff and landing capability, at the Futenma base in early October.
“If the United States forces through the Osprey deployment to Okinawa and an accident or other incident occurs, we will have no choice but to turn to efforts for immediate shutdown of all (U.S. military) bases” in the prefecture, Nakaima said after the talks, hinting that the delivery will worsen local sentiment.
Visiting Okinawa for the first time as defense minister, Morimoto tried to soothe local resistance by emphasizing that Tokyo will urge Washington to provide more detailed information on two recent Osprey crashes. He said the investigations into what downed the aircraft “are not yet perfect.”


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Cheap Web Hosting

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May 27

Cheap Web Hosting Roma Introduces New Format for Company Reviews.

Web hosting reviews are very important tools to grade and measure the quality of the services provided by any web hosting company on the market place. But, reviews have taken the form of aggressive marketing and thus things have lost little meaning of what these reviews are done for.

Cheapwebhostingroma has introduced a new format to study and produce the results of the qualities of the services of different web hosting companies. Cheap Web Hosting Geeks Company has new format based on the collection of the reviews from different people based on different features of the company. This format creates some exciting results, which are measureable, achievable, and understandable for different customers looking for web hosting guidance.

As per Cheap Web Hosting Roma, “We have gathered customer reviews, site information, and application use to develop it, daily traffic and more. By having all this information we can easily figure out the customer satisfaction rate and the increase in number of customers.” This says the company statement.

Normally, the reviews are written are feedbacks are left in terms of descriptions of different types of features and qualities of the services, which make an overall image of the services of a web hosting. In such situations, it is very difficult for normal and new customer to understand and compare the different and differentiate the features of one company with another. Thus confusion even increases rather than decreasing.

Now, Cheap Web Hosting Roma solves this confusion with very simple figurative depict of the service quality of the web hosting companies. Now, honest reviews of different web masters and administrators are recorded and then scaled in terms of percentiles and then merged into few deliverable. Thus, percentages of the each feature of a web hosting company are found out in these reviews.

This helps providing very clear picture about any web hosting company.


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Web Hosting Customers

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May 15

Apptegic Create an Application to Retain the Web Hosting Customers.

There is big race among different web hosting and cloud hosting companies for grabbing the customer base of both web hosting and cloud hosting. This race is being fuelled up by fierce competitiveness in pricing, lucrative affiliate partnership plans, aggressive marketing, and all other available resources. But still there is one big problem of these competitors; that is how to retain the customer base that has been acquired? These web hosting as well as cloud hosting companies are trying randomly to retain the customers through different tactics and policies but still there is no proven method available in the market.
Here is the required application for retaining your acquired customer base. It is Apptegic cloud based service that will help you retain your market bases. It was announced by Boston Startup Apptegic that they have developed a cloud based services and will be immediately for use. chief executive officer and founder of Apptegic Mr. Karl Wirth said, “We’re focused on guiding each customer to success. There are a lot of companies out there that are focused on customer acquisition but we’re focused on customer retention; so you have a customer and they’re interacting with you, and you want to keep them, and make sure they’re successful, renewing, and buying more.” He was talking to WHIR in an interview.
He further said that this newly developed system will help the providers of web hosting and cloud hosting service providers with the in depth details of the behavior of the customers who join their services. On the basis of these behaviors the results will be formulated to make a solution for retaining the customers on the basis of their own behaviors.
Talking to the providers he offered, “Give us a freemium offering where we can get on and use it and then we’re on, we’re there. Then it’s a decision to leave, and that’s somewhat what Amazon is doing with the rental model but you may be able to outplay them in that game.”


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Web Hosting Business

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May 10

PhotonVPS Turn 3 in Its Web Hosting Business.

PhotonVPS is one of the biggest companies operating in the domain of cloud hosting and web hosting business. PhotonVPS is very well known for its enterprise virtual private server business. This company has also started its web hosting business three years back and now they turned 3 years this month. They are celebrating their 3rd anniversary of web hosting business by upgrading their infrastructure.

This up gradation of infrastructure will prepare them for better competition and improvement in web hosting services. This will improve our security, reliability, and robustness of our industry grade services. It was further mentioned by vice president operations Mr. Jimmy Lu about the past and future of the company services.

He said, “Our Company pioneered the model for Enterprise Virtual Private Servers, which has attracted many large businesses to this market. As we have grown, we have continued to reach new performance benchmarks in cooperation with our vendors, and we have continued to build out our infrastructure. Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a next-generation hosting environment; most importantly, our obsession with customer satisfaction has enabled our customers to thrive. Many of our customers who started with just one Virtual Private Server now have 5, 10, or more.”

It was further maintained that peeing connectivity has now been upgraded to 40 GB fiber interconnectivity to provide great bandwidth and speeds to the customers. Newer technologies and security infrastructure has been incorporated to improve DoS and DDoS attacks. At the same time it was announced that more technical staff for web hosting services is being hired. These people are highly expert at web hosting and cloud services.

Talking about impact of upgraded bandwidth, security, and other infrastructure, it was maintained that most drastic improvements are being observed. This will leave a very desirable impact on the experience of customers.


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FTP server

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Apr 28


FTPBox is an open-source program that synchronizes files to an FTP server from where they are synchronized with all systems running the client software. The solution may be ideal for webmasters who have access to a web server or hosting account with FTP server. Alternatives are a local FTP server which can also be used for the purpose.

If you already have access to a FTP server, all that is left to do is install the client software on all systems that you want to sync files between. You are asked to supply the FTP server address, path, server login credentials, and the local root folder on first start.

A web interface is provided if PHP is installed on the server as well. Files can be downloaded directly though if that is not the case.

The program in its current stage has its issues and shortcomings. It is for instance only available for Windows, synchronization and bandwidth management are not available, and the web interface and sharing feature has issues of its own.

The developer seems dedicated, though, and many of the shortcomings should be ironed out in future releases. A Linux and Mac version are promised, with no word on mobile ports.


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Apr 2


Cloud is packed with features that makes it more than a capable rival of services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The program requires a web server where the server-side components need to be installed on. It has a bunch of dependencies, like php 5.3 or up, php5-curl or libcurl3 which are all listed on the install page on the official website.

Installation should not be too difficult provided that the server is meeting all requirements and that you have permissions to install new software on the server. It all comes down to running two commands on the server to install ownCloud on it.

Clients are available for Windows, Linux and Mac, with options to synchronize calendar and address book data with Apple’s iOS.

As far as features go, there are plenty offered. Here is a short list of what it supports out of the box:

  • Server encryption support and support for SSL connections
  • Versioning
  • Web access
  • Data sharing
  • Calendars, tasks, file viewers, video streaming
  • Application store with first party and third party app support.


This project is still in development, and no release has been made by the developer so far. The project offers flexible options in terms of hosting your content. This includes hosting them locally, on FTP, SFTP or ssh, using an IMAP folder, WebDav, Windows Share, and various hosted solutions offered by Amazon, Google, Rackspace and others.
The first release will be for Linux, with Windows and Mac versions said to be following later in development. Syncany encrypts the data on the client-side before it is sent to the selected hosting solution.
Syncany supports file versioning, integration into the native file manager, and gives users the option to sync any folder on the system, and not only files and folders that reside in a root folder that the software creates during installation.
This is a service to look out for, even though development seems to have slowed down a notch recently.


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Dec 31 100% Scammers World Site !!!!

I thought I’d give them a try as so cheap… was expecting problems and have not been disappointed. cPanel/WHM is on a 45 day trial licence and the IP is listed at spamhaus so cannot forward domains to the name servers. So 24 hours later still cannot do hardly anything. Bet I struggle to get a refund….! They said it will all be sorted but I am doubtful. Sign up at your own peril.


I speak French, sorry for my bad English.

On June 29, 2011, I bought a hosting reseller.

The price is $ 15 for one year:

- 100 GB Disk Space
- 1000 GB Bandwidth
- Create Unlimited cPanel Account
- cPanel 11.x control panel
- Fantastisco Deluxe
- Softacolous
- Php 5.2
- Zend/IonCube Enabled
- FFMPEG supported
- FTP Access
- Pop/SMTP/Imap access
- Blackberry mail supported
- Instant Setup

I asked to transfer two websites June 30, 2011, on this server.

The transfer was made July 7, 2011

On August 7, 2011, the statistics do not work

On August 9, 2011 (two days later), here’s the response I got:


Their are some load related issues coming because of awstats as it updates in realtime and causes high load in mysql server.

Customer Service

On November 3, 2011, the server does not work.

The answer I got November 6, 2011


The server is online on IP : XX.X.XXX.XX, XX.X.XXX.XX as XX.X.XXX.XX is blocked by ISP because of a recent mail which was sent by a spammer to FBI, USA. You can still login to cPanel using http://XX.X.XXX.XX/cpanel

We are working with our ISP to unblock IP XX.X.XXX.XX.

Customer Service

On December 18, 2011, the server does not work

December 24, my ticket is closed, but I still have no answer.

I am a new ticket on December 24

The same day I had this reply


The server is migrated with all your website content to new IP. Please point your site to our new IP if you are using private NS. Our new IP’s are as follows:-


You can login to WHM on http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XX/whm

Customer Service

I was angry, and I wrote:


Why wait to write twice?

Why wait a week to tell me?

When I go on the server, I get this message:


This copy of cPanel / WHM is a trial version and will expire at the end of the trial term. You will need to upgrade to a paid copy of cPanel / WHM to continue using the software after that term.

The answer


We just switched to a fresh server and the datacenter requires minimum 5 days to license our new IP with cPanel. This message has no impact on any services we offer and this message will go off in next 3 days.

Customer Service

Today, I noticed that there was not all websites on the new server

I wrote to tell them, I wait their answer.

Prospective clients, I do not recommend this company.


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Host 1Dollar

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Oct 6

Host is proud to announce that the vShare YouTube Clone Script that they have been developing is being released to customers. The innovative vShare YouTube Clone Script is described as allowing everyone to start his or her own video sharing site.

This revolutionary program builds on the prosperity of video sharing giants such as and by allowing users to run their own video sharing portal. Using the vShare YouTube Clone Script, Visitors will be able to upload, view, comment and share videos.

“With vShare YouTube Clone Script, you too can start profitable video sharing site with out spending ton’s of money,” said the owner and lead developer of the script.

The script is still being actively developed by a team of highly talented programmers, who are constantly adding more features to the program at no extra cost. The script is incredibly easy to install, use smaty templates, that can be easily modifiable so that the look and feel fits the site it is being used on.

With the recent success of,, DailyMotion, and Google Videos, the vShare YouTube Clone Script employs the same basic principles that the online video businesses do. Costing only $10, the vShare YouTube Clone Script is an inexpensive investment with huge upside because of the number of media outlets investing in the field.

At only $10, the vShare YouTube Clone Script is sure to make a revolutionary change to the online video field because of its simplicity and usefulness. You can make your web site Host 1Dollar a hit by using vShare YouTube Clone Script offered at Host 1Dollar


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Image Hosting

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Oct 6

Image Hosting is one of the easy way to get lot of visitors to your web site. runs free Image Hosting we do get lot traffic, the server is getting very slow as we reached 10 MBPS limit most of the time, now we are working to add multi server support to the image hosting script. So new images will get uploded to new server, this way we can handle more traffic.

Other option is getting 20 MBPS unmetered server, but it cost double the 10 MBPS server, so i think its better get another 10 MBPS server, that way you get another server, and if one goes down, other still able to serve images.


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File Hosting

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Oct 6

Movie piracy is and will probably always be an ongoing problem for the movie industry for as long as the internet exists. While the file hosting service  may be in hot water with movie studios for numerous copyright-related offenses,  file hosting now has reason to fire back.

File hosting is a website that allows people to host and share files with each other. There are plenty of legal ways for people to use the site, however for some, use of the site has apparently included sharing copyrighted material (against the terms of use of the site), resulting in movie studios suing the company, and, according to successfully gaining access to detailed information on file hosting users and affiliates. Now, it appears Hotfile is firing back with their own lawsuit.

The site is suing Warner Bros., accusing the studio of fraud and abuse, claiming they misused the anti-piracy takedown tool file hosting built for them. The program was set up to give the studios access to take down files they held the rights to. File hosting claims WB used the program to remove files that weren’t theirs to delete. Whether or not this is a flaw of the program used, or simply how Warner Bros. was choosing to use it isn’t entirely clear, however one example mentioned was regarding the film The Box. Not only did Warner Bros. remove the film from file hosting, but they also removed files related to a book called “Cancer: Out of the Box,” by Ty M. Bollinger, and a BBC production called The Box that Saved Britain. The word “box” is the common keyword there, which could mean Warner Bros. was deleting by keyword, or else, not paying close attention to what they were removing when they used the program.

Warner Bros. either deliberately or accidentally deleting other possibly copyrighted files isn’t likely to garner Hotfile a lot of sympathy among the anti-piracy community. But, regardless of whether or not the mentioned book and BBC production were copyrighted, the files weren’t Warner Bros.’ to delete. And those were just two examples. Hotfile claims WB deleted hundreds of files they didn’t own the rights to, including a freeware software title, which was being shared via Hotfile by the publisher and was downloaded five times more frequently than any other file.

It’s also suggested that Warner stood to gain something from increasing the number of take-downs, due to an arrangement they had with file hosting to offer links to movie stores where people could purchase the films they were attempting to share. As  puts it, “More takedowns thus means more potential revenue.”

Whether or not file hosting suit against Warner Bros. holds any weight remains to be seen. It’ll be interesting to hear how the lawsuit progresses and whether file hosting manages to come out on top of this one.


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Oct 4

Rakhsh Scammers  suspended accounts without any notification!
they didn’t answer my polite support tickets! they didn’t answer my emails. – SCAMMERS!!!!!!


Ahmad Hamad

I am on of their victims just as you, such damn services just destroy anyone who tries to build a name online, people just have to avoid such domain

Never, ever try those guys ( Scammers )! the worst hosting I’ve ever seen.

My bad luck led me to that hosting Scammers
I registered and paid to the “instant activation” service , and look to the invoice :

but the domain never went up !! (you can check that at any whois service)

and after a week of crying to the “support” with no response I had to take a domain from external source and asked for a refund, but I never got the refund until I was writing that word!



A agree with you Ahamad… however just Forget Hostfly, and move on..

Their server is down for allmost 6 days.

Their first respons on my ticket was :

” Their is a Optical Fiber cut at BURSTNET, Scranton datacenter which caused downtime. The technical team is working on this and the same will be resolve shortly. ”

After 5 days i got the second reply:

” Their is a IP mis-route issue in our datacenter (BURSTNET) scranton. As per datacenter executives, the problem will be resolved shortly.Stand by for updates:– ”

Well i’m def. finished with this guy!

Lessons learned.. NO Cheap Crap for me anymore.

To Bad Hostfly is still promoting their offers on WHT.. with more victims to come 


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Oct 4

Hi people Scammers Site and Fraud site,

I think there are a rule. If you pay cheap, the service probally will be awful. I paid 15d for a year reseller suscription Scammers Site and 20d in january for a VPS.

The reseller service Scammers Site works very bad at the beggining, then they migrate to another server, and starts working better. The support at the beggining was great, very fast and responsive. Later, when I bought for a Windows VPS for 17d/mo they sent me the login details, and never works. I ask them the correct login details and they never answer my mails anymore. Last answered mails was on feb 2, when they migrate my sites from old to new server because on the new server my sites was not appearing.

Now, 2 days ago I can see that my sites are suspended!!!! I was able to enter WHM and see that all of my sites are not there. Terrible news. I tried to login to and password doesnt work, and when I reset, the new pass never comes.

I really hates them. Web Hosting Scammers Site have to alarm people from this horrible and so unrespectful service.

I was hoping that Hostfly will be good, but no, is the worst web hosting experience.

Now I realize that we have to pay a little more for decent services Scammers Site .

I’m sad people. “Greetings from Scammers Site!” F*** You! 

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Cpanel hosting

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Aug 14

The main parameters of hosting:

Disk space – this parameter indicates how much space you can take your site, all photos and other files. By itself, the usual blog is rarely greater than 50 megabyte, everything else is mostly pictures and some videos. Our blog currently contains about 9-10 thousand photos, and it very much! Each photo takes about 100 kilobytes, that is on our servers photographs occupy about one gigabyte of space.

Traffic – the number of megabytes, which was transferred from the host to other computers and vice versa. If you have a record with 10 photographs by 100 kilobytes, then to read it, you must pass a Cpanel hosting megabyte visitor to your blog. If this record will go to 1,000 people a day, then it is 1 gigabyte of traffic per day and about 30 gigabytes per month. Our blog, with attendance of 500-800 people per day, require about 150-200 gigabytes of traffic per month.

PHP and MySQL – let these strange words you are not afraid)). They are needed for blogging, but if you wish, you can never know what it is.

The presence of Cpanel – a popular control panel for managing all functions of your host. On the Internet there are lots of tutorials on working with her, and indeed, it is considered the most simple and suitable for use by beginners as well as supporting the Russian language. If hosting an alternative method to manage your account, you’ll have to study it themselves, but when you move to another Cpanel hosting service, to learn all over again.

Availability of SSH – the technology you are unlikely to be useful, but it is very convenient when moving from one host to another with the growth of the site. It allows you to transfer files between the host, without downloading them to your computer, so you can throw a few gigabytes of photos in a couple of minutes, even with a slow and unstable internet connection.

Uptime, Uptime or reliability of the Cpanel hosting – one of the most important parameters. Usually it is a percentage and must be no lower than 99 percent. This means that your website will be available in 99 percent of cases. Setting of 100 percent does not happen, because even the best off hosting at least one minute once a year – this one is immune.


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Aug 14

Hosting for a dollar a month

If you want to create a blog and have chosen the theme, the next step is to purchase hosting. About how to find quality and affordable hosting for the site and will be the article. To begin with we give the definition.

Hosting – a service to provide computing power to the physical location of information on a server residing in the network. Hosting is also called service by placing the customer’s equipment in the ISP software to connect it to communication channels with high bandwidth.
The choice of hosting.

An important criterion when choosing a hosting service is a choice of operating systems. Will depend on software that supports the functionality of certain services.
Also an important aspect of hosting a description of the availability of such services and features, such as:
• database support;
• Support for CGI: Perl, PHP, Python, ASP, Ruby, JSP;
• Support .htaccess / .htpasswd (for Apache).
Compare hosting services to the following values:

• Disk space;
• Monthly traffic;
• Database: The number and the space reserved for them;
• the number of sites hosted in one account;
• The number of FTP users;
• The number of electronic boxes and the amount of space for the mail;
• the number of simultaneous processes per user.
There are many more criteria. Describe all I will not, as a separate topic, on her, perhaps, I still remember the following positions.

Many hosting companies offer free trial period to enable users to understand that they will enjoy hosting or not. After the trial period is over you should start paying for hosting, or cancel the service host.


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Best hosting

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Aug 14

I think many webmasters are now faced with a choice of cheap, but at the same time, reliable hosting for their satellites.
The desire to get everything at once, usually ends in failure. Nevertheless,
there are a very pleasant hosts and suggestions about which I’ll discuss in this article.

Well, meet – “Host Roma”. First tariff plan “Micro” is a total of 12 rubles a month!
True size of the drive with 50 mb, but quite a ride for the satellite.
True, there is a significant disadvantage. Maximum load on the CPU 0.12%.
Putting your blog (WordPress) on this hosting a First top 5 visitors I had exhausted the limit.
But a cheap price. There is a “Host Roma” and more expensive, but still suitable for the satellite version of the tariff “Mini”.
24 rubles / month. The load on the CPU 0.24%. Now that’s quite a reasonable option if you want to trade links.

The following example of a good hosting for $ 1 per month – ZorroHost.
Tariff “Os1″ is 500 meters on the disc and it seemed like an unlimited number of visitors.
At the moment I hung there, too cunning WordPress blozhek with attendance of about 50 people a day and nothing. All is fine.
By the way as the guys from ZorroHost now very cheap domains. In and. Com ($ 2 and $ 5 respectively).

Well, as a third option I suggest you HostRoma.
First of all happy with free choice of the server that will host the project (Ukraine or Germany).
And he rates “Mini 1″ is fine. 300 megabytes of disk space, 10 (!) Domains to your account and it seemed to unrestricted traffic.
And all this for a dollar a month.


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Hello world!

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Aug 1

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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