Scammers Site

Hi people Scammers Site and Fraud site,

I think there are a rule. If you pay cheap, the service probally will be awful. I paid 15d for a year reseller suscription Scammers Site and 20d in january for a VPS.

The reseller service Scammers Site works very bad at the beggining, then they migrate to another server, and starts working better. The support at the beggining was great, very fast and responsive. Later, when I bought for a Windows VPS for 17d/mo they sent me the login details, and never works. I ask them the correct login details and they never answer my mails anymore. Last answered mails was on feb 2, when they migrate my sites from old to new server because on the new server my sites was not appearing.

Now, 2 days ago I can see that my sites are suspended!!!! I was able to enter WHM and see that all of my sites are not there. Terrible news. I tried to login to and password doesnt work, and when I reset, the new pass never comes.

I really hates them. Web Hosting Scammers Site have to alarm people from this horrible and so unrespectful service.

I was hoping that Hostfly will be good, but no, is the worst web hosting experience.

Now I realize that we have to pay a little more for decent services Scammers Site .

I’m sad people. “Greetings from Scammers Site!” F*** You! 

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